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Ouch! Even as a woman I feel the pain... I agree, it must be quite traumatic.

Charles Dastodd

holy cow. i had no idea this was done at this age like this anywhere. i am not even sure what to think.


Your depth of precision never ceases to amaze me Sidney. I applaud you...and that young man for bravery beyond belief...

Otto K.

Yikes...oh my goodness. He must be brave.


you really caught the moment supreme. great shot

David B Katague

Ouch, ouch! poor boy, Just look at his face! Too many observers of the ritual..


J'en ai un peu la chair de poule !!!! Il faut être courageux


Oh, poor boy.

Michael Rawluk

I have my legs crossed. Yikes.


demain l excision? bien vivante a jakarta et Indonésie, te laisse mener l enquete a manille.... et le taux de tétanos et déces par infection??

luna miranda

i imagine the boy swallowed the guava leaves!:p
i haven't seen an actual circumcision even if it was prevalent in the province when i was growing up. i don't think they allow girls to witness this (LOL). i remember my brothers' circumcision--the family didn't know about it until they came home one afternoon with a weird look on their faces. my mom panicked and brought them to the doctor fearing tetanus and infection. my brothers told stories about some boys fainting before, during and after.:p

this is a great photo, Sidney.




What a documentary shot of this ritual. Nice explanation with it. The picture makes me hurt! :-)


you're right Sidney, circumcision in the Philippines is an important rite of passage from boyhood to manhood. I'm amazed you were able to find a place where the old manner of circumcision using a labaha (or razor) is being practiced. Chewing on dahon ng bayabas or guava leaves while the rite is being done is two-pronged: it gives the patient something to bite on to weather the pain; afterwards, the chewed bayabas leaves will be used as an antiseptic on the fresh wound.


quelle folie ce charcutage sans hygiène mais surtout sans raisons hygiéniques


Oh my, I'm stunned... look at that expression of the boy!!! I've never thought circumcision would be performed as such! Amazing documentary! Bravo Sidney!

The Nomadic Pinoy

Ouch! I'm glad my mom had me circumcised before I could even remember it - at a hospital when I was still a baby. Look at that boy's anxious look, well captured Sidney!


Oh. My. God.


Whoops, I mean, I can't wait for the rest of the pictures.


Can't forget the rest of the pictures, this topic is interesting as it gives people outside the country idea of what is the traditional way of circumcision in the Philippines. But I'm pretty sure some of the infants today are already circumcised.

If I remember correctly, I've read in the Old Testament that males should be circumcised. If not, he's not gonna be part of His people. Something to do about covenants.


sod that...i'm happy to never have reached "manhood" then!!


I respect peoples traditions, and this is well documented in your shot, but have to be glad this form of doing the circumcision is not in vougue where i grew up


Respect, man, you don't fear any subject, seems to me.
Brrr, I shudder at the idea of circumcision, I like to keep my material intact.

dong ho

it is essential and i believe it's good hygiene to be circumcised.


Putek. Naalala ko tuloy yung akin.

Buti na-picturan mo. Sa bagay, bata pa naman yan. lol.

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